Kahamal Iththak – Nuwandika Senarathna

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Kahamal Iththak Lyrics Nuwandika Senarathna Sinhala Song Lyrics
Kahamal Iththak Lyrics Nuwandika Senarathna Sinhala Song Lyrics

Kahamal Iththak Lyrics Nuwandika Senarathna Sinhala Song Lyrics. Music by Lahiru De Costa. Lyrics by Massanne Vijitha Thero. Kahamal Iththak Lyrics

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Kahamal Iththak Lyrics Nuwandika Senarathna

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Music Life

Music learns how to be happy and How to remove our sadness. Some times we love music!! but some times we are not!! Someone says “Music can make me forget all of my pain” and also someone says “Music can teach us many lessons,” Someone says “Listening to music puts me in a good mood” And I think it’s true. We can listen to the music every time. And also Music travels all around our body. As a result, We love music!!!

Where words fail, music speaks. It speaks of the pain, of the sorrow, of the lost, of the life we live. It shares emotions. It’s a way to connect, to understand what others feel.


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