Kangana Ranaut: ‘I was an unwanted girl child

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Kangana Ranaut | irmone.com
Kangana Ranaut | irmone.com

Kangana Ranaut has shared a tweet depicting how far she has come. The actor said she was an unwanted child and now works with the “best and passionate filmmakers, artists and technicians.”

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Kangana was replying to a tweet by filmmaker Vivek Agnihotri, in which the latter had praised her by saying she must be awarded for her relentless energy while “working non-stop, doing amazing films after films, during the toughest Covid period. Imagine from Jayalalita to action to Air Force… a kind of life to die for. A lot of young actors must learn from her (sic).”

Kangana replied, “I was an unwanted girl child, today I work with best and passionate filmmakers, artists and technicians. I love my work, not for money, not for fame. When best of the world look at me and say ‘only you can do it.’ I know I may have been unwanted but I was needed. Much needed.”

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